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Why Run Your 21st-Century Business with 19th-Century Technology?

GreenFolders is an electronic file production system that works just the way you do—only without paper. GreenFolders empowers you and your staff to use a single easy-to-use system to manage all of your files, documents and tasks.


GreenFolders is not just another document imaging system. Instead, it provides a way to take all of your existing processes, whether they use paper or pixels, and streamlines them into a single, integrated system for creating and managing your folders.

Want to go completely paperless? Or just less paper?

Either way, GreenFolders can make it happen. Need to retain certain paper processes while migrating other documents to a digital system? GreenFolders can facilitate all-digital or paper-pixel hybrids. GreenFolders was built from the ground up to accommodate infinite ways of doing things, so it will fit your way of doing things. This is not a "one size fits all" system that forces you to adopt an unfamiliar, pre-conceived workflow. On the contrary—your business' GreenFolders installation is tailored to your own business processes, and will be uniquely yours—a paperless or "less-paper" system that works exactly like you do.

GreenFolders doesn't force a specific way of doing things onto you and your enterprise. We'll help you replicate your current way of working using GreenFolders' palette of tools. But once you see how the system works, you'll probably find that there are more efficient ways to do things. We make it easy for you to adapt your work processes as you go, evolving your workflow as you discover new efficiencies, preserving legacy processes when necessary.

Any tool can be revolutionary, but with GreenFolders you can change things by degrees. On the other hand, if you want to completely revamp the way you do things and go from 19th century bond-and-manila-folders to 21st century digital desktops in one giant leap, we can help you do that too.

When it comes to handling your files, you know best

Nobody understands how you and your colleagues work better than you do. We don't presume to know how you work with your files so we provide you with the tools to work the way you need but without the paper. It's not just about going paperless; it's about being more efficient:

  • Instead of printing and scanning—print directly into a GreenFolder
  • Instead of marking up the paper—electronically edit individual pages
  • Instead of shuffling papers from desk to desk—give everybody access to every folder they need, from their own desks
  • Instead of moving folders around—leading to multiple versions of files on different computers around the office—use a single system to collaborate on a single version of each folder

GreenFolders also lets you work effortlessly in an electronic environment:

  • E-mail a document or pages of a document right from your GreenFolders folder
  • Attach e-mails, printouts, or files by dragging and dropping right into your GreenFolders folder
  • Print any document, webpage, e-mail or other items right into your GreenFolders folder
  • Work with electronic content at either a document level or a page level but always in the context of your GreenFolders folder

GreenFolders lets you manage all of your folder-related tasks linked to your files, not just to your people.

  • Assign time-sensitive tasks to users and track progress as it occurs
  • Automatically advance folders between users and groups based upon the completion of tasks
  • Always know exactly who did what to a folder, and when
  • Build your own rules to automate any part of the folder lifecycle

Save time and money, and some trees

Almost as a byproduct of using GreenFolders, you'll see additional benefits as you reduce the amount of paper flowing through your office:

  • You'll use less paper-lots less paper-as you transition to electronic folders
  • Less paper means fewer copiers, fewer printers, fewer file cabinets, fewer toner and ink cartridges
  • You'll see increased productivity through fewer trips to the printer, copier file room and storage
  • Believe it or not, it really feels good to be green, or at least greener; you can help conserve resources as you protect your bottom line

GreenFolders lets you produce your folder exactly as you do today, but without paper. You'll be able to manage all of tasks, files, and documents required to deliver your final product to your customer, with less effort and resources than ever before!  |  801-747-2132