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"Greenfolders has helped us transition to a paperless workflow, while maintaining our current processes. The transition was painless and rewarding."

— Clint McTomick, Partner, Watkins Law Firm

"It's truly amazing. We honestly haven't created a paper file in a year, and we're seeing monthly savings of over $10,000 in paper and copy costs alone. The processes stayed pretty much the same; it's just the medium that changed."

— Scott Halverson, Partner, Integrated Title Services

"Most programs require you to change the way you do business to conform to the program. Greenfolders is the only program that I have found that is 100% configurable to the way I do business. Since I have implemented Greenfolders, I never have to look for a missing file, I have reduced my paper consumption by 90% and my actual cost per file dropped by 30%."

— Brett Matsuura, Principal Broker, Liberty One Real Estate

"The most exciting benefit is that it has made my real estate brokerage more efficient; what used to take a full time staff of five now only takes three. Thanks, Greenfolders!"

— Brett Matsuura, Principal Broker, Liberty One Real Estate

“Green Folders delivers on everything that was promised:   “reduced costs - increased productivity” -– the added bonus is that it’s Great Fun!  Easy to use - our staff loves it!”

—Susanne Jerome, Systems Manager, Olympic Peninsula Title Company

Greenfolders has increased our productivity so much it is like having an extra employee in the office.  Its true with GreenFolders, "Do More with Less".

—Troy Ayres, Chief Operations Officer, Investors Title Insurance Agency, Inc.

“The best thing about GreenFolders is having all of my information available in one place, and the ability to access and share information across our business. Since adopting the GreenFolders system we've seen a massive improvement in overall organization, information availability and accessibility. We all love it!”

—Boyd Anderson, The Staker Company

“GreenFolders has given me the tools necessary to help transition our company from the old paradigm of paper into the electronic era of building. In order for our company to thrive in the years to come, we must become comfortable with new technologies and their ability to increase our efficiency. GreenFolders has helped me immensly in keeping organized and with sharing information more effectively and efficiently. The simplicity of the software makes it easy to train new users and the forms help keep everyone up-to-date on current projects.”

—John Wheeler, Gough Homes

“GreenFolders has made us more efficient and and less paper-dependent, which saves us money. I also expect it to reduce fuel costs and drive time spent making trips to and from the office to retrieve documents, information, and so on.”

—John Wheeler, Gough Homes

“I have really enjoyed working with your product. It assists me greatly in my day to day operations. Technical support has also been great to work with and always responds to any questions I may have in a very timely manner.”

—John Wheeler, Gough Homes

"It is very useful, having GreenFolders has made my job easier. My favorite is being able to merge documents and publish them into GreenFolders. All the options GreenFolders offers you to help you create shortcuts are awesome."

- Orchid Vizcarra, Mid Valley Escrow

"GreenFolder's is an absolute must- I do not know what my office would do without it! The best part about GreenFolder's is that it works within Streamline so it pulls in information with a push of a button. You can scan non streamline documents into your GreenFolder file as well, and it's very easy to use. I highly recommend GreenFolders!!!!

- Loretta DiPuma, Mid Valley Escrow Corp

"One of the best things about GreenFolders is their customer service-it so amazing! The program is user-friendly and it is so easy to train a new employee on the program, it makes working in our files so much easier! GreenFolders has been a perfect fit for our busy title company and has become a partner in our success!"

- Roxanne Danielsen, Consumer's Title Company of Southern CA

"GreenFolders has made our life so much easier! No more tracking down paper files or pulling files from archives. We are much more efficient, saving both time and money. We love GreenFolders!"

- Christy Fratta, Maryland Title Works Unlimited, Inc. 

"Advantage Title Company has always prided itself for an emphasis on improving services through cutting edge technology. GreenFolders has proven to be an essential component in our array of technological advancements."

- Steve Potler, Advantage Title Company

"With our implementation of GreenFolders, we have transferred all of Advantage Title Company's operations into a completely customized and streamlined paperless system. GreenFolders has allowed us to benefit from significant advancements such as developing a more refined workflow, creating additional checks and balances, and enabling multiple office locations to work together seamlessly."

- Steve Potler, Advantage Title Company

GreenFolders has been awesome! Everyone from sales and implementation thru training and support has been very pleasant and very knowledgeable. Actually using GreenFolders has also been great - super intuitive and easy to figure out. When I couldn't figure a couple of things out, Support was right there to walk me through it! We are loving GreenFolders!

- Jonette Crabtree, First Capital Title Services, Inc

I love how efficiently this system is set up to run. It makes the escrow file a tamable beast by improving productivity, cutting down paper waste, and cutting out unnecessary steps. Overall this system gives you the freedom to conduct business in the most efficient manner possible. Did i mention it's efficient?

-Alex Hoyo, Escrow Concepts, Inc. 

WE LOVE GF!!! We starting using GreenFolders about six months ago. We are a small company, and we have been around since the 1940's so we were a little nervous to start something so new and different than what we are used to. It didn't take us long at all to get used to it. We recommend GreenFolders for any company, not only Title and Escrow. We can't imagine going back to hard files and folders. It has made our work so much faster and easier. 

-Lori Vest, Security Title of Davis County, Inc

GreenFolders has been a great tool for our Company, it has eliminated wasted time searching the office for lost or misplaced files because everything is right at your fingertips. GreenFolders has helped us to increase productivity, as well as save on the cost of paper and toner. 

-Brian Drew, Benchmark Title Insurance Agency

GreenFolders is the best software investment we have made relating to our practice! Prior to investing in GreenFolders, our office unsuccessfully tried to go paperless for last five (5) years. In fact, rather going paperless we ended up creating more work for our staff, looking for documents all over the place while still maintaining our old paper system. Now, GreenFolders has not only reduced our paperwork but has also increased out company's production. It is very user friendly and customizable. Their customer and technical support staff are OUTSTANDING. We only wish we'd known about GreenFolders sooner!

- Joshua Pompilus, OneBoston Title & Closing Services, P.C. 




Below we have listed the most common questions people ask about GreenFolders. This list is by no means exhaustive, so if you have a question that isn't covered below, we encourage you to contact GreenFolders Customer Service to get a quick answer from an expert on our products and how they work.

What is GreenFolders?

What is the GreenFolders office management system?

The GreenFolders office management system is a software replacement for what you are doing with paper today, reproducing virtually every process you use while providing the cost savings and additional efficiencies that come from the adoption of paperless office technology. This includes document management, work management, file management, record keeping, archives, document markup and annotation—and much more. Check out our GreenFolders Work Without Paper page for more information.

What is GreenFolders Office Desk?

GreenFolders is the core application of the GreenFolders office management system, the central hub for all your documents and tasks. GreenFolders is an electronic office management system that "lives" in your office. There is a server component, which manages the documents, files and other data and controls and monitors access by the people who use it. There is also a client component, which is installed on the users' computer(s), giving access to the system.

What is GreenFolders Communicator?

GreenFolders Communicator is the tool that works within the GreenFolders office management system to provide secure communications services to your business. Powered by the SendSide® communication network, GreenFolders Communicator gives your customers and partners their own personal online safety deposit box and secure messaging system. They'll be able to receive communications from you, and also upload their personal electronic documents like copies of tax returns, wills and other legal instruments, and real estate closing documents.  They'll also be able to send secure documents and messages to others who need them.

Is GreenFolders really that different from the way we work today?

The answer is both yes and no. The GreenFolders Office Desk can work exactly as you do today. But the system can provide a paradigm shift as you move from a paper-based mindset to one that is primarily digital. But the revolution doesn't have to be total, nor does it have to be immediate. GreenFolders provides tools that allow you to automate virtually all of your file- and document-related processes and tasks, but you can implement these automation steps at your own pace.

How do I get paper documents, electronic files, or legacy data into GreenFolders?

GreenFolders provides you with a variety of tools to get your documents into your digital files. The easiest way is to simply drag and drop a file from anywhere on your computer (or from connected network drives) directly into your GreenFolders files. If you received a file in an e-mail, you can drag and drop it straight from the message window.  If the e-mail has an attachment, you can even drag just the attachment into the folder.

Paper documents can be easily scanned into the system. We even provide a "virtual printer" that allows you to print any computer file (such as Word or Excel documents, web pages, or e-mail messages) directly into your GreenFolders files, bypassing paper altogether. Alternatively, you can directly upload most kinds of documents directly into GreenFolders in their native format (as word processing or spreadsheet documents, for example).

Is my company too small (or too big) to benefit from GreenFolders?

GreenFolders was designed to scale from one to hundreds of users, to provide immediate benefit both for one-person operations and large-scale enterprises processing thousands of files per month. The system provides a "reduced frustration" transition path for those who are first installing the software and training their first users, as well as advanced optimization features for those looking for more improvements in their file-handling processes. Regardless of the size of your operation, the GreenFolders expert support team is always available for help at any stage of your migration from paper to paperless files.

What makes the GreenFolders Office Desk different from other solutions?

One of the biggest differences between GreenFolders and other similar systems is the basic mindset. Other systems focus on what you do after you have paper. GreenFolders has you start without paper, work without paper, and finish without paper.

Another significant difference with GreenFolders is its flexibility. GreenFolders empowers your people to do the tasks they perform every day, substituting electronic documents for paper ones. The workflow within GreenFolders is fully configurable to fit your own needs and processes, so you can do things the way you've always done—or completely revamp your processes to create additional efficiencies.

Paperless or Just Less Paper?

Why should I "go paperless"?

There are many very good reasons organizations are looking at reducing their dependence on paper and moving toward a more streamlined paperless work environment. The most obvious reason is paper costs money, and reducing the amount of paper your business uses reduces the cost of doing business.

Besides the cost of the paper itself (which can be considerable), there is also the cost of the ink and toner as well as the office machinery that handles the paper, including printers, photocopiers and scanners. Paper also has to be stored, so if you reduce the amount of paper you're handling, you reduce the storage costs. Most "document-driven" companies pay a small fortune every year for off-site document storage and retrieval services, document shredding vendors, as well as file cabinets and banker's boxes to warehouse it all.

If that wasn't enough reason to go paperless, it's a proven fact that paperless offices are significantly more efficient than those that rely heavily on their "processed wood pulp" counterparts. Digital documents and files don't have to be shuffled from desk to desk, and are almost impossible to physically lose. In a paperless office, workers have instant access to the files they need.

Finally, though trees are a renewable resource, reducing paper doesn't just reduce the number of trees needed to make the paper. It also reduces the environmental impact of the fuel and other resources needed to harvest the wood, convert it to pulp, process it into paper, and deliver it to your business. So there's a reason that GreenFolders starts with "green"—it really is better for the planet!

How much money will I save right away?

The amount you save with GreenFolders depends entirely on how you use the system. If you move your entire operations onto GreenFolders immediately, you'll see immediate savings in the cost of paper, folders, printing/copying equipment and supplies, and so on. You'll also see the cost of filing and storing your files drop as you transition to electronic files. But it all comes down to how aggressive you are in migrating your business processes to 21st-century technology.

Will I really save money in the long run?

The only way you could keep from saving money with GreenFolders is to not use the system. Current GreenFolders users are reporting immediate monthly savings of $5,000 - 10,000, which increase as their employees get better and better at the more streamlined processes made available through GreenFolders.

How much does GreenFolders cost?

There are a couple of different pricing models for GreenFolders, and the right one for you will depend on the size of your business and how you'll be using the system. Contact your GreenFolders representative to find out more about pricing and to get some guidance in selecting the plan that's best for you and your company.

Is it legal? Is it safe?

Am I legally allowed to store imaged copies instead of paper?

By federal law—and with few exceptions—any document that you can have in paper is also legal as an electronic document. Two important pieces of federal legislation, the Uniform Electronic Transactions Act (UETA) and the Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act (ESIGN), established the requirements around what is legal, what is required, and what is optional.  There are examples in many states but here is a typical example from California.

There are a few types of document, like stock shares and water certificates, which must remain as paper originals. Your own industry may have its own exceptions as well. But except where expressly required by statute, images are permissable replacements for paper.

If I'm not using paper, how do I protect my data?

We recommend that all businesses adopt industry-standard data protection and recovery practices—whether they're using GreenFolders or not. This includes making sure the servers you're using to run mission-critical systems have built-in hardware redundancies, so you can replace drives as they wear out without compromising your onsite data. It also includes regular, automated backups which should be stored in a secure offsite location. Your IT department, or a reputable data security consultant, will be able to audit your current data protection practices to determine whether they'll stand up to both run-of-the-mill and catastrophic failures.

Some people are uncomfortable feeling "safe" with digital files, because there's nothing tangible to hold in their hands. But the reality is, digital documents are considerably safer than paper. They're cheaper and easier to store and transport. While an entire server can be backed up in minutes, it's virtually impossible to "back up" a warehouse full of paper, and if the warehouse burns down, where does that leave you?

If you're already doing a good job protecting the data in your office, your GreenFolders data will be just as safe as what's already in your other systems. If you need some improvement in the way you're managing the data you already store, now is the time to change.

How secure are GreenFolders files?

All of the files in your GreenFolders system are protected by the same safeguards that you use to protect your other sensitive data. If you're not sure how safe your business' systems are, we can recommend a good data security consultant to work with you to secure your critical systems to ensure their protection.

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